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Professional Gardening
Galcon’s extensive variety of user-friendly, Professional Gardening automatic controllers ensure maximum flexibility and durability. Ideal for large parks, public gardens, golf courses, traffic islands, football fields, tennis courts, large multiple-area home gardens, and light agriculture (small hothouses, small fields, cooling systems, etc.), these AC or battery operated, modular, multiple-station units are available for 8-24 stations. Mindful that climate can change, we have ensured that our battery-operated controllers are waterproof and designed to work even under the harshest weather conditions. Our AC systems are equally robust, vandal-proof, and maintenance-free. Galcon’s Professional Gardening controllers are sold around the world and are available through gardening specialists and at all major professional gardening stores.


Series 7000


Series 6000


Series 10000


Series 80024


Series 8000


Series 8100-GQ